As we all know that ERP – Enterprise resource planning software are being implemented today by almost every organization including SMB to Big companies. The basic reason as to why you should implement an ERP solution is that it streamlines all your business processes and departments, but there are many other advantages an organization gain one of which is taking right decisions. There’s no doubt that ERP helps and guides the management in taking the decisions and actions in a huge way.

ERP software is really a decision support system, no matter the organization is small, medium or large or whether it is growing over vast geo locations or is compacted to small area. Availability of useful data at the decision-making time is big advantage and it is what ERP software’s do! ERP software is designed as to cover all the important aspects of an organization. This application uses 1 database where it gets the data from all the places of input and lets it be shown in a desired format.

The bigger organizations have many segments and departments that work in velocipede and are connected to each other. They all need information and data from each other in order to complete the tasks. The organizations that have manual working have slow movement or transfer of information from one department to another. This indifference gives rundowns to the administration that are not really updated. And hence, as a result the managements make and take decisions based on this old information. On the other hand, ERP guide or help the management in taking decisions and actions based on the updated, accurate and complete reports.

Other way in which ERP helps management in taking the right decisions is by giving them the consolidated and complete reports in real time. Let’s better understand it with an example. In an organization which works manually, a new project arrives. So the management must know the availability of raw materials to do the project and complete it on time. For this matter, the management will ask for an updated report from the inventory department. Now when the inventory department sent the reports, their reports may not include the details and specifications of the already scheduled or pending jobs that will spend the raw materials from the already existing stock.

And so, the stock report is amended, but it gives ambiguous information to the management.

But when you install and implement an ERP software, all the information are consolidated in one single software where different department can easily access the information based on the roles and rights, Gaining complete information of the present situation of raw materials by just few clicks, can easily put scheduled jobs, present stock and pending works in 1 single report that will give them the actual raw material availability and make a decision about buying a new lot. Build up reports in the real time make ERP guide and help the management in taking correct decisions.


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