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As we all know that lead is one of the most important part of any business in this blog post will understand how managing customer leads is more powerful nowadays compared to the traditional method of sales and marketing. There are many lead tracking software or CRM – customer relationship management solution available in the market nowadays that help you to maintain the list of prospect customers and leads that has been acquired via different sources of marketing. Compared to the traditional method today with the help of implementing a Lead management software and CRM software the procedure of managing lead has been simplified so let’s have a look What is Lead Management. “Lead” is nothing but an inquiry made by the customer or interest showed by the customer on particular products and services of your organization.

Leads are also called as enquiry made by the customer after which the sales team follow up and helps the customer to buy products and services from your organization. Compared to the traditional method where leads were managed in a diary without proper track by the management on the prospective growth and future customer. Nowadays with availability of Lead Management software sales team can nurture lead properly with on time follow up with the prospective customer and can converted into sales order that bring prosperity to the organization and growth in the long run and short run both.

In an organization there are different departments involved such as Purchase, Sales, Warehouse, Inventory, Accounting which consists of different people at different level who work together to achieve the organizational goals ie: growth. If we notice out of all these departments the sales department is considered as one of the most important department of an organization because it manages the customers who pay the profit out of their pockets. The more customers and organization gain; the more sales revenue gets generated by the organization which brings up Growth.

Today in this competitive world customer have lot of options available in the market to buy the products from. If a lead is properly nurtured and managed by the salesperson then there are higher chances of converting a lead into an opportunity and opportunity into the sales order. For the same many small and big organizations started implementing CRM or Lead management software that helps the sales team and Managers to understand the prospective pipeline of the customers. There are Enterprise resource planning ERP software available in the market that helps to maintain the flow of other departments as well including Purchase, Accounting, Warehouse, Inventory and so on… At Growth Spikes Technologies we offer you with one of the leading ERP software named as ERPNext where you can manage your leads, Enquiries, Lead tracking and converting into different stages of your sales process.

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