Reduce ERP CustomizationToday implementing any software or apps there is custom software development requires since every organization follows different processes forms and business strategies for different departments. Tailor-made software or custom software development always enhance the cost as standard out of the box features are easy to implement and take less time compare to custom software development. As we all know that when you opt for custom software development the timelines increase and henceforth the cost of implementation increases compare to off the shelf software. Therefore, to ensure the development cost is less software vendors offers most of the features available in the solution itself; but due to the nature of business, there are certain points where custom development is needed. In this blog post, we will cover how you can reduce the cost and expenses for custom software development.

Focus on the available functions

Gaining complete insight of the software you are choosing is one of the important tasks which has been ignored by companies. The buyer should remember the focuses on the available functions which can meet the end requirements. This will help in reducing timelines, cost and unnecessary rework for the solution you would be implementing. Meet your organizational requirements with the software first and not vice versa this will allow you to choose cost-effective software. In case any functions not, available you can understand from the vendor how to develop it further.

Plan Properly

As we discussed in our earlier post that planning is key for implementing any software be it standard or customized software. Define the scope with good project managers which will give you a proper overview of features and functions you would be looking out for in the software. Ensure a proper implementation method is used while creating the business requirement document this will help the vendor also which areas need customizations.

Requirements Analysis

Every function of the software is not necessary for your business. Prioritize the main functions which you are looking out for based on the department this will reduce the licensing cost as well as the timeline of the project. Do note that time is money and vendor quote for the project based on the functions and features required keeping timelines in their mind. Cutting down few requirements which are not important will reduce the cost ultimately.

Case – “One of our client who has around 400+ employees reduce the cost of licensing by moving to open source CRM software for its 45 salespeople and for 50 helpdesk members by implementing simple helpdesk software”

Future Planning is Important

Custom software development takes time; therefore, the cost is more ensure when you have any custom software development requirements you need to plan for the future. Software which is developed today may require changes in future as the company grows. Check with the vendor what are the chances of future tweaking in the solution to meet your future requirements.

Go with Agile software development company

As we know that change is the only thing which remains constant there are chances where you need to change your processes based on the market situation. In this competitive world go with vendors who follow agile development method as changes and tweaks in the software are not rigid and even vendors are well prepared for the forthcoming changes in the software. With Agile software development, you can even judge the capabilities of team on the timelines and services.

There are many companies around the world who claim to provide custom software development but one should check how they strategize, plan and adhere to the timelines of the project. From the above list of points, we can ensure the cost of custom software development can be reduced drastically.

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