Open Source CRM

Open Source CRM

What is CRM?

CRM is also known as Customer Relationship Management. CRM tool is also considered as Lead management software, or Customer Management software that plays an important role in managing your sales department. In this blog post we will shed few lights on Open source CRM software. Customers are considered as a King and special treatment to King are compulsory in this competitive market. Similarly implementing CRM software for your business can help you to manage all your prospect customers, inquiries, leads, and clients in an efficient way.

What is Open Source CRM?

An Open Source CRM software which uses open source programs where the source code is available to public over the internet that can be modified and customized as per the business requirements. Open source CRM today used by many businesses from small to large. Open source CRM software helps organization to meet the business goals easily

What is the best Open source CRM software?

Although there are many Customer relationship management software available in the market which can be easily implemented for any business. But considering CRM tool for a long run; we suggest to have ERPNext  CRM – Open ERP CRM software that offers you with many functionalities to manage your customer in more effective way and what’s more in a long run you can implement variety of other modules as your business grows – some of them are Purchase Management, Warehouse management, Accounting and so on . . .

ERPNext CRM modules helps you to manage your Leads, Opportunities, Phone calls, customer meeting, futher it manages the key areas such as customer communication, prioritization, notifications and resolving of issues quickly.

ERPNext CRM software is a web CRM tool that can be used from anywhere over the internet therefore you can easily track your customers and suppliers within few clicks. ERPNext CRM is fully Open source CRM software which removes the cost of licensing. Further ERPNext CRM can be easily customized as per your business requirements.

ERPNext CRM software also helps you to manage your different sales team in different countries and it includes powerful dashboards that give you a bird eye view of all your sales and customer activities


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