Giving a New Direction to Your Business
Your businesses IT systems are as unique and complex as your business, our specialists provide 24/7, reliable, managed IT support and services for businesses in Kenya, East Africa and across the Africa advising, future-proofing and being on hand to fix any problems quickly. We have experience in all areas of support for your IT infrastructure, systems, processes and security, presenting our customers with a hub of expertise and know-how at their fingertips.
Business Server Support
Servers are constantly updated, changed, modified and tweaked, so issues can and do arise. When this happens, you need to know that everything will be fixed quickly and effectively, keeping your business on track and minimizing interruption to daily operations.We provide a wide-ranging server support service, staffed by qualified Microsoft engineers responding to issues within an arranged SLA
Remote Desktop Support
Whether it’s a case of computers not really being your thing or having an IT-savvy team that requires a little specialist input, the Growth Spike Limited Service Desk is at hand. It’s because of this range of needs that we always offer a bespoke solution to each customer, catering our approach to perfectly suit your company and its people.
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